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As GÜÇLÜ HİDROLİK (hydraulics), we have been working and operating since 2005 in the area of winch with hydraulic. We are proud of the point we have reached with our experience by producing farm machinery. When we produce a product Our initial basis is "latest technology, modern engineering, and contemporary methods" Quality and the satisfaction of the client is our main duty for us. That iswhy have been doing our best to fullfil the needs and expectations of the client.

It is our duty for years to solve the problems of the clients and to give the necessary support in its time for pre-sale and post-sale. So this is our ultimate approach to all customers.

Our company has been producing hydraulic mobile winch on truck and its equipments in domectic and foreing markets, by the help of our tech-group which is one of the main parts of the organization, our product range has been progressing with their studies of product development and research.

As a result of this, our struggle to develop product and research has been resulting in successfully. For us not only the quality and technology of our products but also the intimacy among humanbeings and friendliness have great importance.
This sense and perception made us a powerful team and a bi,g organization. Our firm whitch is based on these principles have aimed to enter into the foreign markets and to be an international company.
Our aim is to increase our percentage in turkish market in the following decade and to be a firm among the best firms comes to mind in Europe. In this sector that We started in a the deceloping technology our services and facilites by the help of computer technology.